WFN's 16th Annual Meeting: Croatia 2022

For the 16th time in WFN’s history, WFN members flew to our chosen destination and spent 3 amazing days together.

WFN Founder, Kelly Bunyan, was delighted with how amazing the event was, she stated, "The WFN meeting in Croatia was always going to be one of the most special gatherings, considering we didn’t know how long it would be before we could gather again. And did we make up for the prolonged absence?! YES!!! It was wonderful, with everybody truly appreciating the fact that we could not just see each other again, but hug and dance together too. 

Here is another great photo for the WFN album. Click on the image for a closer look.



THANK YOU to every single delegate who committed to this event. Without you, we would not have been able to get this crucial aspect of our network up and running again. Hopefully, our future events will be uninterrupted by global events and we can continue to meet regularly.

Thank you to our Croatian hosts; your generosity was much appreciated.

Thank you to everybody for your wonderful feedback. A small selection is below:

‘It was wonderful to sit together with my WFN Family after a 3 year gap. I was also happy to see many new faces that have joined the group. Looking forward to seeing the group grow with professional companies and, more importantly, good people.’ Ahmet Eftelioglu, Herfurth Logistics, Turkey

‘WFN Croatia 2022 was our first in person meeting for the last 3 years. There was incredible energy throughout the conference as we re-connected. Realising how many things had changed in the industry, getting a chance to collaborate on opportunities and remembering how valuable our relationships together were, all dominated the conference. I felt very blessed to be a part of it and can’t wait for WFN Costa Rica 2023!‘ Derek Scarbrough, GLC, USA

‘What a way to bring everyone together after 3 years – great time for the meeting and wonderful parties. Not a minute of regret making it here! Looking forward to Costa Rica.‘ Luke Kwan, Shuttle Cargo Services, Singapore

‘After 3 years we meet again with old friends (and new ones) with the excuse of doing business. Thank You Kelly and Team for the organisation and attending to every detail. See you next year!’ Gabriel Taberna, Talwin Transport Service, Argentina
‘Great Experience! We were able to finally meet personally with our partners, after so many years. It is indeed a big family, and for sure we will be attending the meetings every time possible.‘ Ana Garcia Fernandez, ETE Logistica, Portugal

‘Another professionally structured meeting. Well done Kelly and Team. Great to meet old friends again and new members.’ Freddie Tarnok, Flash Cargo, USA

‘It’s my first time at a WFN Conference and I find it very productive where you get to meet people in person to develop relationships, which will help us to find business opportunities together. It’s all about friendships. Cheers to WFN, I’m really enjoying this.’ Akila Ukwatte, Pership Sytnergy, Sri Lanka

‘I really enjoy meeting people from all over the world and making my own contacts. It’s a great opportunity to exchange, even at the bar with a glass of wine.’ Sarah Kopperman, Ontour Transport Services, Germany

‘It’s my pleasure to attend this event in Croatia after three years from the last event. I had a great time meeting new partners and new friends in a lovely place. Hoping to see my partners again.’ Ahmed Youssef, MED TEAM Logistics, Egypt"

If you would like to join us at our next meeting please complete the WFN Application Form.








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