WFN Press Release Published in DC Velocity

WFN's latest press release has been featured in DC Velocity Magazine. DC Velocity describes its publication as "the market leading multi-media magazine brand serving the specific informational needs of logistics and supply chain managers and executives. Simply put, DC Velocity offers comprehensive logistics coverage at the hub of logistics as the leader, not a follower."

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WFN Managing Director, Kelly Bunyan, said: "WFN is keen to share thoughts and comments on the industry with a wider audience, and DC Velocity is a great platform from which to do this. We're especially excited to share the news of our popular upcoming member conference. With over 300 delegates attending across the two events for our network group, we're looking forward to seeing our membership go from strength to strength in 2024."
If keen to join our top quality network, and attend the meeting in Dubai, complete the WFN Application Form.






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