WFN Members Working Together

World Freight Network's main aim is to assist its members in generating new and reciprocal business. The connections developed within the network allow members to not only work together, but to form long-term partnerships. Watch the video to hear about this directly from our WFN members:




WFN Managing Director, Kelly, says:


"I am delighted to see that so many members are working together for the long-term. When members join the network, we encourage them to be proactive: welcoming new members, sending quote requests and introductory emails, making sure their profile page shows off their company to best effect.


These efforts often lead to the first shipment, which can then turn into a solid long term partnership and benefit both companies.


Our network works: why not join us and see for yourself?"


If you are keen to develop fruitful business and enhance your opportunities for strong partnerships, apply now.




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