WFN Members Work as a TEAM

WFN Managing Director, Kelly Bunyan, said: "Only the best quality forwarders are accepted into WFN. This means that we not only have a great calibre of member, but our members actively work as a team and take pride in each other's successes. Seeing such positivity and teamwork is truly heartening."




Here are some examples of the wide variety of business Members are exchanging:


> Medical equipment and plastic boxes for medicine from USA to Hungary

> A car, 1500kg, plus personal  effects from Panama to Canada

> Alloy steel forging from India to Canada

> Medical Training Material (Dry Battery) from Norway to Pakistan

> Motorbike from Bolivia to Singapore

> Preforms and caps from Oman to Germany

> Fans from Singapore to UAE

> Flooring from USA to Ireland

> Airsprings from Hungary to Mexico

> Paper Envelopes from Belgium to UK

> 6x20 litre containers of fertiliser from Russia to Zimbabwe

> Solar Systems from Israel to Timor

> Heaters from Korea to Canada

> Sportster Vertical Liftgate from Canada to Switzerland

> Steel rope from Netherlands to Vietnam

> Shoes from Bangladesh to South Africa

> Ceramic insulator from USA to Hungary


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