WFN Members Take Proactive Approach

WFN Managing Director, Kelly Bunyan, says: "It is imperative that we only accept the best forwarders into WFN. Our members are therefore top quality, proactive and interested in reciprocal business. WFN members understand that the more you put in to networking, the more you get out."




Please read on for just a few of the recent business enquiries exchanged within the Network:


> Travertine Tile from Spain to USA

> Medical products (raw material for medicines) from India to Hungary

> Telecoms equipment from Hungary to Solomon Islands

> Mangos from Argentina to Peru

> Woollen Dryer Balls from Nepal to British Columbia

> Dietary supplements from Australia to Hungary

> 1000 tyres from China to Haiti

> Batteries from Hong Kong to Finland

> Cosmetics products from Venezuela to France

> Cars from Saudi Arabia to USA

> Art from the UK to the USA

> Cooking oil from Malaysia to Jordan

> Plastic bags from China to Ireland

> Rice from China to Turkey

> Human remains from UK to Hungary

> Temperature-controlled medicines from Canada to UAE

> Ice cream cake desserts from Italy to Maldives

> Paper from China to Turkey

> Ceramic Tiles from Egypt to UAE

> Fleece fabric from Taiwan to India

> Plastic medical devices from Korea to Hungary


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