WFN Members Showing Support with Exchange of Business

Even in such difficult times, WFN Members are continually seeking ways to assist one another and searching for mutually beneficial business. As we move further into the year, enquiries continue to be exchanged daily within the network, as our members seek to close new business and continue their cooperation.




Here are some of the more recent enquiries that WFN Head Office has seen go out within the network:


> Chairs from Italy to Canada

> Personal belongings from Thailand to Hungary

> Lighting equipment from Thailand to South Africa

> Home Appliances from Greece to Hong Kong

> Truck spares from Ireland to India

> Hotel stock and lighting from China to Philippines

> Lubricant oil (drums) from UK to Azerbaijan

> Batteries from Panama to Singapore

> Textiles from Germany to Japan

> Empty wine barrels from New Zealand to Ireland

> Computer parts (hard disk drives) from USA to Hungary

> Gel Packs from Germany to Paraguay

> Wired station drones from Peru to France


Kelly Bunyan, WFN Managing Director, said: "Our members take the time and effort to establish strong connections, and business opportunities are frequently being explored, even if they can't immediately be realised. Our members are seeing more opportunities come to fruition as the year goes on."


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