WFN Members Showcase Top Quality Service

WFN Members are vetted upon application, to ensure that standards within the network remain high, no matter what type of cargo is being shipped.





Here are some examples of the wide variety of enquiries sent within WFN recently:


> Steel straps from Spain to Romania

> Shoes and clothes from India to Hungary

> Power tools from Uruguay to Ireland

> Tea Bags from Sri Lanka to Hong Kong

> Machine parts from the Netherlands to Canada

> Spare parts from Korea to France

> Reinforced grain tubes from Argentina to South Africa

> Electrical goods from India to Ireland

> Gym equipment from UK to Saudi Arabia

> Bicycles from Singapore to Hungary


Debbie Constantine, WFN Operations Manager, said: "Our members are facing difficult times but remain calm and competent, expertly handling shipments of a wide range of commodities, across the world. Our application process requires industry references to show a strong track record, making WFN one of the strongest networks around."


If interested in joining WFN, please complete the WFN Application Form.






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