WFN Members Showcase Exceptional Service

WFN Members are eager to develop good business together and keen to show off their service scope.




Here are some examples of the wide variety of enquiries sent within the network:


> Quarry Equipment from USA to Ireland

> Plastic materials from Greece to Netherlands

> Personal belongings from Spain to Hungary

> Steel rolls from France to Brazil

> Inline In Circuit Test System from USA to Ireland

> Vegetable protein powder from Australia to Hungary

> Coated abrasives from Finland to Kuwait

> High Cube Steel Dry Cargo Container from Australia to South Africa

> Tyres from Germany to Greece

> Aircraft engine from Norway to UK

> Electric Cigarettes from China to Vietnam

> Cosmetics from Indonesia to Greece


WFN Operations Manager, Debbie Constantine, said: "It's no surprise that our members are happy with the level of service they receive within the network, as we are dedicated to quality. We have a thorough application process, only accepting top level forwarders, who have a proven payment record and good experience in the industry. It is always our aim to provide our members with ripe opportunities for business, with those who match their standards. Congratulations to our members for upholding that commitment to quality."


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