WFN Members Show Strength by Handling a Wide Range of Cargo

WFN Members show their strength by handling a wide range of cargo with utter professionalism; business continues to be exchanged as the year goes on.




WFN's Operations Manager, Debbie Constantine, says: "Our main aim is of course for our members to develop business, and we see this happening every day with numerous requests sent within WFN. However, quality of service is just as important as the number of quote requests, as this ensures long term partnerships and happy customers! A high bar continues to be set for the quality of our members and they continue to reap the rewards. We enjoy seeing such excellent companies grow and achieve within WFN."


Here are some examples of recent enquiries within WFN:


> Textiles from Bangladesh to France

> Pipes from Austria to South Africa

> Frozen seafood from USA to Azerbaijan

> Fork lift parts from Ireland to Australia

> Perfume from France to Oman

> Packing machine from Taiwan to Hungary

> Electronics inc. computer materials from Korea to Romania

> Techtron PPS 40 % Glass Filled Rod from Belgium to South Africa

> PPR, PVDF Pipes and Fittings from Austria to Qatar

> Chemicals from China to Russia

> Avocados from Kenya to UAE

> Electrical Light fittings from Norway to Singapore

> Coffee from Panama to France

> Org SBM, Org Corn from India to USA

> Lenses from Hungary to Colombia

> Printed books (Bibles) from Japan to Malaysia

> Plywood boards from China to Colombia


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