WFN Members Show Off Top Level Professionalism

WFN Members are continuing to utilise their network partners in 2021, with mutual business being exchanged daily.




WFN Managing Director, Kelly Bunyan, said: "WFN continues to go from strength to strength, despite the global situation. This is certainly in no small part due to our members delivering time and again on a wide range of cargo enquiries. We are continually impressed by our members' work ethic and top quality service.


Here are some of the more recent enquiries that WFN Head Office has seen go out within the network:


> Heliport lighting from Finland to South Africa

> Fresh mushrooms from Russia to France

> Biscuits from Brazil to Fiji

> Sweetened banana chips from Philippines to Canada

> Exhibition equipment from the UK to Malaysia

> Asphalt from Paraguay to Russia

> Perforated plates from Peru to Denmark

> Tool kits from Italy to Paraguay

> Dry foodstuffs from Belgium to Sri Lanka

> Panasonic cameras from Netherlands to Philippines

> Incinerator from Japan to Congo

> Computers and accessories (with batteries) from Hong Kong to Paraguay

> 1 racing car chassis from Czech Republic to Uruguay


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