WFN Members See Network Grow and Business Flourish

WFN Members are continuing to utilise their network partners in 2022, with regular business being exchanged.





WFN Managing Director, Kelly Bunyan, said: "WFN has had a strong year so far, with 4 months yet to go. New members are joining us, enticed by the high standard of agent within our group. Once they join, they can see how active and professional WFN members are, and the opportunities for business truly flourish."


Here are some of the more recent enquiries that WFN Head Office has seen go out within the network:


> Fragile glass from Hungary to USA

> Pasta from Italy to Greece

> Books/printed matter from Oman to Ireland

> Metal displays/shop fittings from India to France

> Human remains from Spain to Hungary

> Threads from Indonesia to Philippines

> Rice from India to Lithuania

> Computer equipment from Ireland to Saudi Arabia

> Copper Cathodic plates from Tanzania to Oman

> Ply wood from Morocco to Brazil

> Research parts from France to Canada

> Hydraulic motor from Italy to France

> Live animals from Thailand to Hungary


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