WFN Members Moving Wide Variety of Cargo

WFN Members are vetted upon joining the network, to show that they can provide a high standard of service and are experts in their fields. Our members can be confident that whatever their cargo, whatever special requirements their clients have, they can find a network partner to capably assist them.



Here are some examples of the wide variety of business that members are exchanging:

> New furniture from UAE to Morocco
> Woollen Felt Handmade Goods from Nepal to New Zealand
> Used Clothing from Mozambique to India
> Lift machinery from Ireland to USA
> Bicycle parts from Japan to Netherlands
> Machine parts from UK to Canada
> Viscose yarn from Indonesia to Paraguay
> Conveyor parts from Melbourne to Canada
> Ceramic articles from Japan to South Africa
> Engine lubricant oil from UAE to Morocco
> Whiskey from Ireland to Kenya
> Ore Samples from China to Liberia

Debbie Constantine, WFN Operations Manager, said: "Our members continue to work well together and support one another. It is one of the main and instant benefits of joining a network: knowing you have expert partners worldwide to assist you and satisfy your clients."

If interested in joining WFN, please complete the WFN Application Form.






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