WFN Members Join Forces for Mutual Gain

WFN Members enjoy mutual business and long term relationships.




Debbie Constantine, WFN Operations Manager, said: "All our WFN members provide a top quality service and are keen to develop long term working relationships with one another. We aim to provide an excellent platform for our members to develop business together, so it's fantastic to see business

continuing to flow and our members gain more business."


Here are some examples of the wide variety of business Members are exchanging:


> Ceramic insulator from USA to Hungary

> Medical equipment from Wales to South Africa

> Imitation leather from UK to Hungary

> Musical instruments from China to Hungary

> 1x Tank - 2.4m x 1.0m x 1.2m weight 280kg from Turkey to Tanzania

> Machine spares from India to Canada

> Treadmill with medical equipment from Malaysia to Hungary

> Pinion from Burkina Faso to South Africa

> Wood from Indonesia to France

> Clamping Ring from USA to South Africa

> Honey from Portugal to China

> Treadmill desk from USA to Hungary

> Stainless steel from USA to Ireland

> Personal Effects from Saudi Arabia to Oman

> Spare parts from Germany to South Africa

> Urgent medical equipment from Spain to Ireland

> Dietary supplements from USA to Hungary


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