WFN Members in France Visit Fellow Members in China

Trans Business International, WFN Members in France, recently shared a visit they had made to see fellow WFN Members, Shenzhen Emperor International Transport in China.

Mickael Boura, Managing Director at TBI, said, "We met with Daisy at Shenzhen Emperor a long time ago for the first time at our Panama WFN meeting, and we started working together at that time. I didn’t visit them until now, but as I was in Hong Kong, I decided to go to Shenzhen to visit their office and meet the team with whom I have worked for many years. 

It was a really fruitful meeting, we discussed how to go about increasing our cooperation and also some businesses of trading we could build together... We said that we will be very happy to meet again next year for the WFN Meeting in Dubai."

For more information on TBI France and Shenzhen Emperor International China, please visit their websites: 

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