WFN Members Handle Wide Range of Cargo With Confidence

WFN Managing Director, Kelly Bunyan, commented: "I am continually impressed by how our members not only handle standard shipments, but step up and work on more challenging and complex jobs together. The fact that we select high quality companies, who are flexible and intelligent in their approach to forwarding, really shows. Our members continue to handle things with true competence and professionalism, and this instills confidence and trust across the network."




There are too many requests to list but here are a few examples of some of the recent cargo:


> Euroflo pumps from Singapore to Kuwait

> Bio Safety Cabinets from USA to Uganda

> Kitchenware from China to Spain

> Frozen bait from South Africa to Fiji

> Personal belongings from India to Hungary

> Curtains from Taiwan to Argentina

> Printed circuit boards from Thailand to Ireland

> Fabrics from Thailand to Argentina

> Electronics from India to Hungary

> Enclosures from Poland to Oman

> Test strips for blood glucose meter from Taiwan to Hungary

> Computer parts from Singapore to Ireland

> Water Tank from Turkey to UAE

> Rose oil from Bulgaria to Japan

> Household goods from Canada to Colombia


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