WFN Members Finish 2017 Ever Strong And Committed

WFN Operations Manager, Debbie Constantine, says: "After another successful year together, the relationships established within WFN remain strong and professional, and our members continue to utilise their quality partners worldwide for mutual gain. WFN are truly committed to their success, and the success of the network. It's really great to see our members benefitting so much from their membership."




Here are just a few examples of quote requests we've seen recently:


> Riding Rings from France to South Africa

> Trade show goods from USA to Jamaica

> Art flowers from Japan to Spain

> Furniture from Austria to Oman

> 50 kg of oysters from UK to Czech Republic

> Rubber gloves from Malaysia to UAE

> Sodium Cyanide from China to Zimbabwe

> Tablecloths from India to Hong Kong

> Gift Wrapping Paper & Ribbons from Germany to Oman

> Office Stationery from Hungary to Oman

> Earthmoving profiles from Sweden to South Africa

> Solar panels from UAE to Morocco

> Industrial goods from Singapore to Denmark

> Silver Bars (Ingots)from USA to Tokyo

> Bio Safety Cabinet from USA to Kenya

> Automotive Battery from Singapore to Philippines

> Shoes from France to UAE


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