WFN Members Enjoy Consistent Exchange of Business

WFN Members enjoy consistent cooperation, with business continuing to flow between all regions and new enquiries sent daily.




WFN Operations Manager, Debbie Constantine, said: "We insist on high standards when new applicants join us. Our members can therefore be confident that when they consign their business within WFN, it'll be professionally and expertly handled. It's great to see such a variety of rate requests exchanged."


Here are some of the more recent enquiries that we have seen go out within the network:


> Glassware (fragile) from Hungary to India

> Olive oil from Italy to Japan

> Spare parts for watches from France to Kuwait

> Lighting equipment from Ireland to Australia

> LED lamps from China to Chile

> Personal belongings from USA to Hungary

> Charcoal from Indonesia to Lebanon

> Sport equipment from Pakistan to Hungary

> Wine from USA to Hungary

> Copper Cathodic plates from Tanzania to Oman

> Medication from Oman to Hungary


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