WFN Members Enjoy Consistent Business

New rate requests are a day to day occurence within our network, as WFN members are active and keen to exchange business with their fellow members.




Here are some examples of the enquiries we have seen exchanged in the network recently:

> Paper Cones from Indonesia to Pakistan
> Luxury candles from Ireland to Kuwait
> Lighting equipment from China to USA
> Foodstuffs from USA to Jordan
> Fork lift spares from France to USA
> Used oil from USA to Ghana
> Motors and transmissions from UK to Indonesia
> Quartz glass from the Netherlands to France
> Spare parts from India to Philippines
> Human remains in coffin from Italy to Hungary
> Teeth firming, baby clothes from Poland to Hungary
> Water treatment equipment from Ireland to Zimbabwe

Debbie Constantine, WFN Operations Manager, said: "Our members have all been vetted, so they know they can reply upon one another for a high level of professionalism. This enables each member to serve their customers to a high standard via their WFN partners, as well as forging strong connections and increased business as a direct result of their membership."

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