WFN Members Cooperate to Overcome Obstacles

WFN Members are standing strong together, despite the obstacles caused by the Pandemic. Business is continuing to flow, with our members' expertise and willingness to assist coming to the fore in all exchanges.




Here are some examples of the wide variety of business that members are exchanging:


> Lithium-ion battery, class , from Maldives to Hungary

> Weaves from Philippines to France

> Sports equipment from UK to South Africa

> Bird Nests from Indonesia to Hong Kong

> Stainless steel appliances from China to Malaysia

> Kaqun gel from Hungary to USA

> Dairy products from Bahrain to Netherlands

> Urea from Tunisia to Paraguay

> Lapping Compound from India to Germany

> Water Gutter and Engine Tubes from Turkey to South Africa

> Hoya Lenses from Spain to Hungary

> Lighting equipment from Ireland to Mexico


Debbie Constantine, WFN Operations Manager, said: "Even in challenging times, our members are holding their own and continuing to exchange business. More than that, they are offering their advice and knowledge to one another, to help with any problems or obstacles that may arise. Freely sharing information and expertise, with those you trust, is one way that a network really shows its worth. We are really impressed with their proactivity and resilience."


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