WFN Members Continue to Exchange New Business and Flourish

WFN continues to uphold the highest quality amongst its membership, and business is developed accordingly. It is important to WFN Managing Director, Kelly Bunyan, that there is a veritable exchange of business.



Kelly states: "It has always been our main aim to provide our members with a platform to develop real, trusted and profitable business. It is imperative that we deliver on our promise to connect our Members effectively so that they may forge strong relationships and reap the benefits."

Here are a few recent examples of the wide range of quote requests within the Network:

> Motor spare parts from India to Argentina
> Gift Wrapping Paper from Germany to Oman
> Cosmetic packagings from France to Qatar
> Level Gauge Gasket from Japan to UAE
> Cars from India to Sri Lanka
> Body moisturiser from Italy to Ireland
> Tiles from Vietnam to Argentina
> Medical equipment non haz from Pakistan to Ireland
> Make up from Australia to France
> Musical instruments from Brazil to France
> Steel Shaft for Industrial fan from Finland to South Africa
> Aluminium Perfil from Spain to Oman
> Apparels/ Foot wear/ Garments from Japan to UAE
> Rubber sheets and strips from Germany to France
> Gloves from Korea to Hungary
> Chemicals from Japan to Finland

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