WFN Members Collectively Endorse the Network

World Freight Network members recently gathered in Spain for the 14th Annual Member Meeting. On the first morning, we have a group photo. Kelly always likes to capture the energy by filming a short clip. Our members say how good they're feeling and that they're raring to go for the event.




WFN Managing Director, Kelly, adds, "The WFN Meeting is such a special experience: business is discussed and exchanged, as well as social time to relax and let loose. Old friends reunite and new friends are welcomed into the family. The bond gets stronger each year.


It is also a rare opportunity to get a group photo and to film our members all together! I'm delighted each time to see how full of energy and positivity our members are. It's that energy that makes the network truly special. Why not join us and be a part of it?"


If you are keen to work with energetic and dedicated professionals, please complete the WFN application form



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