WFN Members Approach End of the Year With Optimism

WFN Members have an energetic approach to networking and confidence in their own, and their partners', performance. Consequently, many partnerships have been formed and business continues to flow.




WFN Operations Manager, Debbie Constantine, said: "We know that a network will only be as strong as its members, and we insist on top quality references from all applicants. We also review performance of current members to ensure service levels stay at the top level. I'm delighted to say that our network remains strong and our members continue to entrust one another with high volumes, repeat business and specialised shipments."


Here are some of the more recent enquiries that we have seen go out within the network:


> Medical equipment from Italy to UK

> Glass for cars from USA to Hungary

> Herendi porcelain from Hungary to Bahrain

> Tennis and paddle accessories from Pakistan to Paraguay

> Dry squid from Malaysia to Cambodia

> Garments from India to Ireland

> Perishable beef from Ireland to Hungary

> Human remains from Portugal to Hungary

> Sweets and snacks from India to UK

> Resin Solution from China to Australia

> Baby garments from Bangladesh to France

> Solar panels from France to Qatar


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