WFN Members Appreciative of Partners' Prowess

WFN Operations Manager Debbie Constantine said: "It's important to us that our members are truly professional, so companies are selected not only for the quality of their service, but for all aspects of their customer service. Forwarding is a challenging industry and it's vital that our members are communicative, diligent and committed to not only to delivering a great service, but to overcoming problems. Our members are like a family, and have a lot of trust between them. This leads to mutual appreciation within our network."




There are far too many requests to list but here are a few recent examples of cargo exchanged:


> Steel plates from Sweden to South Africa

> Sanitary ware from Portugal to UAE

> Pretzels from Romania to Hungary

> Gondola from Kuwait to Oman

> Organic white quinoa grains from Peru to South Africa

> Carpets from Belgium to UAE

> Frozen food from Japan to UAE

> Screw Spiral Feed from Denmark to South Africa

> Household goods (furniture) from Korea to Hungary

> Metal hoses and piping from USA to Oman

> House Hold Accessories from Slovenia to Canada

> Resin Solution from Philippines to UAE

> Coil for electrical cable from Tunisia to France

> 106 bottles Osmium tetroxide from Japan to South Africa

> Bio Safety Cabinets from USA to Mozambique

> Speciality Foams from Switzerland to South Africa

> Canister For Lime from USA to Oman


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