WFN May Zoom Social Connects Members

WFN Operations Manager Debbie Constantine recently hosted two Zoom Socials for WFN members to connect, chat and discuss potential business opportunities.

Debbie told us more: "The Zoom Socials are a great way to connect our members around the world for a fun, social chat. We met in the morning, and again in the afternoon, in order to include as many time zones as possible. Each person who attended was able to share some details on their company background and services, as well as making suggestions for potential business opportunities. I was also able to confirm to everyone the various ways in which I can support them in making the most of their membership; for example, creating news articles to promote their companies." 

You can see a photo of each call below:



Debbie concluded, "It was great to hear the comments from our different members, to hear directly from them how things are going in their country. Connection is key to networking and we want to ensure we support all our members to develop as many relationships as possible within the group. Zoom is a great platform for doing so."

If interested in joining WFN and attending the next Zoom call, please complete the Application Form.






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