WFN Announces Online Member Meeting

World Freight Network (WFN) has announced the date for its online member meeting, to be held in March 2021. In the absence of the possibility to meet in person, WFN members are flocking to sign up for the event.




Kelly Bunyan, WFN Managing Director, said: "Our annual events are hugely popular, so of course we have missed seeing each other in person due to the Pandemic. We've held several fantastic social events on Zoom, but now the time has come for a more formal event. Our members will be able to book 1-to-1 meetings with one another, to connect and discuss business.


I am very grateful for our members' loyalty to WFN at this difficult time. The online meeting will be run free of charge, as a thank you for their continued commitment to our network."




One WFN member commented, "We have really missed being able to see each other face to face! The online meeting will be a great way to have that dedicated time together while we are unable to meet in person. It is a good second best until we can meet once again."


Another member added: "Thank you Kelly for arranging this meeting for us all. I'm already looking forward to seeing my partners (and friends!), working on sales leads, and strengthening my relationships in the group."




If you would like to join the WFN Family and attend our online meeting, please complete the WFN Application Form.






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