UPCARGO Panama Celebrate 20th Anniversary

UPCARGO Inc, strong WFN Members in Panama, are celebrating their 20th Anniversary.




Rolando E. Alvarez V, President of Upcargo Inc said, "With great enthusiasm we celebrate our first 20 years of operation, thanking God, and sharing the celebration with our workers, agents, suppliers, and colleagues from the Multimodal Logistics industry in Panama and globally.

Every day the logistics industry sector, of which UPCARGO (PANAMA) has been a part for 20 years, becomes more competitive. This Panamanian capital company has managed to handle the different test cycles that the industry has had, where last year 2020, as a result of the pandemic, we have experienced the largest of them. The strength of our company has undoubtedly been the belief in that Supreme power to which we owe every pound of cargo that we have transported during all these years, in addition to cementing our services on the basis of knowledge of each link in the Transport Logistics Chain of Cargo, where we have detected that every day there are opportunities to improve the service that we offer to all our clients and more than a thousand agents at an international level.

Another of the key points of the success achieved to date is the dedication of each collaborator in the constant improvement of their own knowledge of the work they perform, through training and education provided by the company, the unions to which we belong and the industry in general. For us, education in values, ethics, and own knowledge of the business, have been an important piece for the achievement of an image and a service that yields benefits to our clients in each shipment or logistics coordination that we carry out.
At UPCARGO (PANAMA), we not only take care to provide a good service to our clients, but also to be promoters of the best practices of the logistics industry in the country and in our Latin American region, dedicating time, and effort from various sectors private companies so that our supply chains achieve better service levels every day.

Among the specialties of services, we offer are:

• Analysis and coordination of oversized cargo transportation (Break Bulk).
• Transportation of explosive cargo.
• Transport of dangerous goods.
• Temperature controlled cargo transportation.
• Iso tanks and flexi tanks services, for food and chemicals.
• Cargo storage.
• Transportation of air, sea, land and multimodal cargo.
• Customs processing services and cargo insurance through our strategic allies.
• Air and sea charter service.
• Advice on the Freight Transportation Logistics Chain.

Panama plays a very important role in the Latin American region, for this reason, from UPCARGO we try to ensure that the efficiency of our services directly and positively affects the costs of our clients and agents, this being one of our main goals."








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