UPCARGO Logistics Selected to Manage Transport of Ductile Iron Pipes

UPCARGO Logistics, WFN Members in Panama, have been selected to complete transport for a large project in Panama of ductile iron pipes from port to door.




Lorena Martínez, Business Developer for the Project Department at UPCARGO said, "With the accelerated growth in the Panamenian population, the government started to work on the development of country site cities. Building a water treatment plant to dispatch drinking water for more than 500 thousand families. 

The consortium in charge of the project “Water for Everyone” selects UPCARGO Logistics as a Project and Special Cargo company, now our company had responsibility to transport the ductile iron pipes from port to door.

UPCARGO was in charge the local trucking of 1,705 ductil iron pipes 8mts and 1.52 diameter each one from port to the site of discharge.

The project was developed in 8.5 days, the team worked 24/7 to achieve our goal and maintain the customer satisfaction.

Our works goes since port inspections, route inspections, studies of cargo diagrams, transport of oversized cargo, heavy cargo, reception of the vessel, day and night work, previous coordination with port, special escorts, cargo insurance.

The steps for this operation were:

1. The reception of the vessel
2. Customs clearance documentation
3. Direct discharge of the pipes (from the vessel to flatbed)
4. The transport of pipes from the port to the site of discharge
5. Discharge the flatbed and stock the pipes

We finish this project without incidents and accidents, and with the satisfaction that working hard as a team help us to be of service to the development and growth of our country." 









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