UBI Logistics in China Celebrate 30 Year Anniversary

UBI Logistics, WFN members in China, have this week celebrated their 30 Year Anniversary.



Serena Shi, Business Development Director of UBI Logistics said, "We'd like to share with you the celebrating of the 30th Anniversary of UBI Logistics Group.

This week is UBI Logistics 30 year Anniversary, we take this chances to thank all partners, all clients and all colleagues!

Since 1991, to meet the needs of customers for global logistics services, we have established 18 branches in China. At the same time, we develop and build our global network, working with overseas agents worldwide.

We will continue to strengthen and refine our logistics management to meet the diverse and differentiated logistics needs of our customers."




Serena Shi continued, "In 2010, China gradually entered the era of cross-border e-commerce. At that time, although the trade volume of cross-boarder e-commerce accounted for a relatively low roportion of China's total import and export trade, but our team are able to first consider cross-border e-commerce business from the heights of the entire supply chain before embarking on the design end-to-end, full-chain digital logistics solutions. Meanwhile, we continue to learn about internet thinking from e-platforms, independent website operators and e-sellers and innovate our logistics solutions accordingly. In addition, during the entire process, we attach great importance to alliances with mutually beneficial logistics partners along the entire logistics chain.

During these years, we continue to cooperate with our logistics partners in good faith and win the future with them together - another important component of our corporate values: Integrity and Win-Win.
On this occasion of our UBI 30th Anniversary, we would like to thank all our customers and logistics partners! Thank you very much, let's continue to work together in future." 

Hand in hand to win the future!












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