Strong Relationships Lead to Established Business

WFN Managing Director, Kelly Bunyan, says: "We at WFN encourage our members to 'make networking work for them' by not being passive. Proactiveness is what leads to a rewarding network experience and our members are seeing that pay off for them. For us, seeing our members develop business is truly heartening; even more so when the mutual professionalism and hard work leads to trust, and then friendship."




There are far too many requests to list but here are a few recent examples of cargo exchanged:


> Silicon goods (insole, corner of shoes, etc.) from Brazil to Hungary

> Commissioning tools from Kenya to South Africa

> Splitter from China to Indonesia

> Substation from China to South Africa

> Used car from Aruba to Canada

> Flogenic Placebo Units from Ireland to Bangladesh

> Rubber sheets and Crushed mirror from China to Oman

> Water containers from Turkey to UAE

> Beetle traps from Hungary to Canada

> Oysters from UK to Czech Republic

> Portable Hyperbaric chamber from Argentina to South Africa

> Plastic windows from Poland to South Africa

> Half-Segment Girth Gear from Australia to Congo

> Personal effects from Hungary to Indonesia

> Medical equipment from Turkey to Ireland

> Pharmaceuticals from Hungary to Greece

> Rice from Thailand to Argentina

> Furniture from Austria to UAE

> Aquarium fish from Brazil to Czech Republic


Trade continues to grwo as WFN moves forward as a strong, united family.


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