SILCO Worldwide Transport High Value Aircraft

SILCO Worldwide, WFN members in the Netherlands, have recently shared an interesting shipment handled by their expert team.




Sander Schols of SILCO Worldwide said, "In our profession you transport literally everything. From the finest food ingredients to the heaviest machinery - from powdered colouring to cars and boats.

But sometimes there is a little gem which presents a bit more challenge to get it from A to B. Well, we certainly had that gem last quarter; a high value aircraft from before the second world war from the US to Europe."


Sander Schols continued, "Handling this under our trade name Schols Car Handling, we overcame the obstacles of the laws and regulations and Customs clearance. Due to the presence of nuclear radiation we arranged a special team of experts to escort the container to its final destination.

It was a great pleasure to hear the sigh of relief when the customer took receipt of his precious cargo.

These are the shipments that keep you on your forwarding-toes. And make decades of experience valuable and put to use. It was a success and we wanted to share that with you all!" :)






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