Member Interview: Vizion Logistics, USA

We regularly talk to our members to gain insight into the industry today. We recently heard from Albert Wei, President of Vizion Logistics in the USA.
How did you start out in Freight Forwarding?


"After 10 years working as a Banker with HSBC I decided to leave the banking industry and join my step-father’s freight forwarding company.Established Rical Logistics Iworked in LA for 4 years (1990-1994).I relocated to Thailand and joined Expeditors Thailand, converting the Bangkok office from an agency to a Expeditors owned office, living and working in Thailand for 4 years (1994-1998). I established Vizion Logistics in 2003 with my brother."


Your thoughts on the logistics industry today and how things have changed due to the Pandemic?


"The Pandemic has had a huge effect on many business sectors (for example retailers, hospitalities and restaurants just to name a few) these sectors all bring in products from Asia hence until there is a vaccine in place the level of imports into the US will be drastically be reduced."


What are the main challenges facing independent forwarders?


"Independent forwarders have limited sales resources, product/services and capital in comparison to the larger mulita-nationals in order for the Independents to survive we must stay lean, be able to service specific niche markets and be a member of a solid and forwarding thinking global forwarding association.  We need business partners that can think outside of the box and be able to develop joint business opportunities together. The days of just handling routed business are very limited."

How relevant is networking in today’s forwarding industry?


"Having a solid and reliable Global network in place is very important as this is the only way for an independent forwarders to be able to provide global coverage and extend its products and services globally. Having members that are forward thinking and be able to work jointly to increase sales and come up with better way to promote products and services."

How do you see the future for independent forwarders?


"Independence forwarders must be able to provide products and services above and beyond the multi-nationals, we have to be able to provide tailor made and customized services that the multi-national is not able to provide.

To be successful independent forwarders must join a network that can provide an unified platform in which we can provide a communication and shipment viability in a unified matter globally.Trade wars and regionalization will become the new normal. Reduction in freight capacity from airlines and ocean carriers will continue as long as the level of shipments and international travels remain low. E-Commerce, perishable and pharmaceutical products will be big supporters for freight forwarders."






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