Interser in Belgium Connect with Members at WFN Online Meeting

WFN Members in Belgium, Interser, were delighted with the opportunity to meet with their fellow members at the WFN Online Meeting in March.


Dirk Noydens, Sales Manager at Interser said, "I experienced this virtual meeting as a big success, for which my appreciation goes to the organizers. This was actually my debut, due to the cancellation of the meeting in Costa Rica last year, which would have been my first meeting for me personally. This virtual version really fascinated me and I really enjoyed it."


You can see a screenshot of some 1-2-1 meetings below:



Dirk Noydens continued, "Many constructive conversations were held and opportunities discussed. And as said during one of the meetings : ‘it is not only the business that counts, it’s the people who make the business possible’

Hopefully new activities can be developed between the partners, but above all, I hope to be able to meet everyone face to face next year."




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To read more about INTERSER visit their website here:






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