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May 2023

19May WFN May Zoom Social Connects Members

3May WFN Members Enjoy Consistent Flow of Business

2May WFN's Business Alliance: AIRates FREE for WFN Members

1May WFN ISO Alliance

1May WFN Software Alliance with eCargo

April 2023

3Apr WFN Members Enjoy Mutual Business Prospects

March 2023

20Mar Modern Shipping Experts in OOG and Project Shipments

20Mar WFN Industry Exhibitions

1Mar WFN Members Moving Wide Variety of Cargo

February 2023

9Feb UPCARGO in Panama Shares Special Project Shipments

1Feb WFN Members Continue to Work Well Together

January 2023

26Jan WFN Shares New Marketing Flyer For 2023

23Jan WFN Industry Exhibitions

4Jan WFN Members Begin 2023 with Continued Business Exchanged

3Jan Riccardo Says WFN Meetings are a Fantastic Experience

December 2022

1Dec WFN Members Approach End of the Year With Enthusiasm

1Dec WFN Members Confirm Network Gets You Business

November 2022

30Nov WFN Members Invite Forwarders to Join our Network

4Nov WFN Members Develop New Business Together

3Nov WFN's 16th Annual Meeting: Croatia 2022

October 2022

28Oct WFN Annual Football: Croatia 2022

7Oct WFN Members Visit Vision Logistics in Thailand

3Oct WFN Members See Network Grow and Business Flourish

September 2022

28Sep CIMC Group Celebrate 40th Anniversary

11Sep Modern Shipping Experts in OOG and Project Shipments

5Sep WFN Members Enjoy Consistent Exchange of Business

August 2022

19Aug Albatrans Logistics Awarded by Turkish Airlines

2Aug WFN Proactive Members Increase Business Prospects

July 2022

28Jul WFN Member in Panama Handles Large Project Shipment

6Jul WFN Members See Further Business Flourish in 2022

June 2022

27Jun WFN Member in Panama Dismantles Thermoelectric Plant

12Jun New Website Design for CIMC Anda Shun International

1Jun WFN Members Utilise Network Coverage in Every Continent

May 2022

19May CIMC Anda Shun International Logistics Receive 2 Awards

4May WFN Upcoming Conference Featured in DC Velocity Magazine

3May WFN Members Continue to Thrive With Exchange of Business

April 2022

29Apr WFN Press Release Published in Supply Chain Quarterly

21Apr UPCARGO Logistics Selected to Manage Transport of Ductile Iron Pipes

13Apr WFN Industry Exhibitions

4Apr WFN Members Continue to Work Together As Year Progresses

March 2022

31Mar SILCO Worldwide Transport High Value Aircraft

24Mar Third WFN Online Meeting a Success

16Mar WFN Once Again Awarded ISO Certification

2Mar WFN Members Showcase Top Quality Service

February 2022

28Feb Integral Chile Celebrate 30 Year Anniversary

19Feb Modern Shipping Agencies Transport Oversized Cargo

18Feb J-Pac Logistics Share Recent Project Shipment

4Feb WFN Members See New Business Flourish in 2022

January 2022

20Jan Nurul Amin of Tower Freight Logistics elected as the Vice President of BAFFA

16Jan Rolando E. Alvarez V Awarded Vice President in FIATA

11Jan M.O.G. Logistics Celebrate 18 Year Anniversary

1Jan WFN Members Start 2022 Strong






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