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April 2021

1Apr WFN's Business Alliance: AIRates FREE for WFN Members

1Apr WFN Secure New ISO Alliance

1Apr WFN Software Alliance with eCargo

1Apr WFN Members Showing Support with Exchange of Business

March 2021

23Mar WFN Featured in Industry Multi Media Magazine

23Mar WFN Featured in Must-Read Industry Press

17Mar Modern Shipping Agencies Project Cargo Specialists

10Mar WFN Online Meeting a Huge Success

8Mar WFN Online Meeting Launches

3Mar WFN Featured in Industry Press

2Mar WFN Members Cooperate to Overcome Obstacles

February 2021

25Feb WFN Members Project Shipment Collaboration

22Feb WFN Featured In Forwarder Magazine

11Feb Global Logistical Connections Celebrates 15 Years in Business

4Feb WFN Releases New Promotional Video

3Feb WFN Members Show Off Top Level Professionalism

January 2021

28Jan Member Interview: Vizion Logistics, USA

24Jan UBI Logistics in China Celebrate 30 Year Anniversary

11Jan 3Way International Logistics Celebrate 20th Anniversary

10Jan Member Interview: VDM Rental, Romania

6Jan WFN Announces Online Member Meeting

4Jan WFN Members Enter 2021 With Positivity and Teamwork

December 2020

23Dec Member Interview: Meridian Logistic Company, Bosnia

21Dec WFN Provides New Marketing Video to its Members

20Dec Cuchi Shipping Transport Catwalk Machine

14Dec Member Interview: MUDISA, El Salvador

3Dec Member Interview: Vantage International Logistics, China

1Dec WFN Members Invest Efforts Into Mutual Business Opportunities

November 2020

27Nov WFN Unveils New Marketing Video

26Nov WFN Zoom Workshop

18Nov Member Interview: Global Logistical Connections, USA

11Nov Industry Exhibition Collaborations

9Nov Member Interview: Alpha - K Aviation and Allied Services, Nigeria

5Nov IE Distribution Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary

2Nov WFN Members Continue to Exchange Business Together

October 2020

29Oct Member Interview: Shanghai U-EXPRESS International Logistics, China

22Oct Member Interview: Cardinal Global Logistics, UAE

13Oct Cuchi Shipping Share Recent Project Cargo Shipments

7Oct Member Interview: Chad International, Oman

1Oct WFN Members Show Off Specialised and Quality Service

September 2020

22Sep WFN Members Connect on Zoom

15Sep WFN Features in Industry Press

14Sep Member Interview: Excellent Service Freighters, Kenya

8Sep Modern Shipping Agencies Share Project Cargo Shipments

5Sep Member Interview: SMART China Shipping, China

1Sep WFN Members Demonstrate Wide Service Capabilities

August 2020

24Aug Member Interview: LOGIWORLD, Vietnam

18Aug Fortune Global Bags ISO 9001:2015 Certification

11Aug Member Interview: Globe Trekkers Shipping, UAE

3Aug WFN Members Exchange Business and Advice

2Aug Member Interview: Prime Time International, Nigeria

July 2020

24Jul Modern Shipping Agencies in Pakistan Offer Special Equipment Cargo Shipping

21Jul WFN Featured in DC Velocity Industry Publication

20Jul Freight Solutions in Zimbabwe are ISO Certified

20Jul Member Interview: Professional Export Services Inc, USA

10Jul WFN Featured in Industry Press

10Jul Member Interview: AdvanceLog, Hong Kong

8Jul Industry Exhibition Collaborations

1Jul WFN Members Showcase Expertise and Professionalism

June 2020

29Jun Video Message from WFN Managing Director

26Jun WFN Members Connect on Zoom

24Jun Modern Shipping Agencies in Pakistan Own Brand New Fleet

18Jun Integral Chile Complete Shipments of Heavy Machinery

17Jun Hisiang Logistics Charter 7 AN124 Flights

3Jun WFN Members Pull Together to Face Challenges

May 2020

22May Albatrans Logistics in Turkey Arrange Full Charter

14May Matrix Logistics in Pakistan Transport for US Embassy

5May WFN Members Show Solidarity and Exchange Business

1May Aidan & Sony Confirm WFN has Top Quality Members

April 2020

27Apr Modern Shipping Agencies Project Cargo Specialists

22Apr WFN Member in Panama Shares Dispatch of COVID-19 Testing Kits

15Apr 3Way International Logistics Complete Project Shipment

3Apr WFN Members Continue to Cooperate and Exchange Business

1Apr Barbara Highly Recommends Attending Annual WFN Meetings

March 2020

31Mar Modern Shipping Agencies Share Project Cargo Shipment

26Mar Partners Logistics in Peru Celebrate 11 Year Anniversary

14Mar Matrix Logistics in Pakistan Handle Mini Hydro Project

2Mar WFN Members Cooperate To Achieve Mutual Business Growth

1Mar WFN Annual Football: Indonesia 2019

February 2020

26Feb OrangeBlue Transport Humanitarian Aid to China

21Feb Map International Logistics Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary

12Feb Integral Chile Celebrate 28 Year Anniversary

3Feb WFN Members Continue to Thrive With Mutual Business

1Feb World Freight Network's Gala Dinner: Indonesia 2019

January 2020

24Jan Integral Chile SA at FIDAE 2020

19Jan Vanesp in Portugal Transport Goods for Music Concert

13Jan WFN Industry Exhibitions

8Jan WFN Member in Panama Work on Award-Winning Project

6Jan WFN Members Soar Into 2020 With Strong Partners

1Jan Javier Could Not Be Happier With WFN






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