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November 2017

21Nov WFN Software Alliance with eCargo

20Nov WFN Secure New ISO Alliance

8Nov Strong Relationships Lead to Established Business

7Nov Cuchi Shipping Projects Completed in October 2017

3Nov Freight Zone in Lebanon Testify you will Get Business in WFN

2Nov WFN's Business Alliance: AIRates FREE for WFN Members

1Nov Key Logistics Handle Project Shipment for Cirque De Soleil

October 2017

18Oct WFN Members Visit Fellow Members in the UK

9Oct WFN Members Develop Good Business Together

1Oct New Caledonian Members Love WFN

September 2017

29Sep WFN Exhibition Collaborations

28Sep GLC Donates Bobcat to the Keys Post Irma Hurricane

18Sep AT Logistics Egypt Tractor Project Shipment

1Sep WFN Members Continue to Exchange New Business and Flourish

1Sep Leticia & Raul Met Through WFN Meeting

August 2017

22Aug Isilda is Working With Numerous WFN Members

3Aug WFN Industry Exhibition Partnerships

1Aug Strong Relationships Help Establish Mutual Business in WFN (World 'Family' Network)

1Aug JS World - 15th Company Anniversary Celebration

1Aug Oliver & Brian Have Flawless Working Relationship

July 2017

21Jul Modern Shipping Agencies Load Another Project Shipment from Pakistan

17Jul Globe Trekkers Shipping & Cargo Handle Heavy Lift Cargo

15Jul New Member Iresha Is So Impressed By WFN

2Jul Raul & Sherif: WFN Meetings Build Trust

1Jul WFN's Dedicated Members Handle Expansive Range of Shipments

June 2017

15Jun The WFN Family Unites To Do Business

14Jun Modern Shipping in Pakistan Offer Top Quality Project Handling Services

10Jun Air International Freight in Taiwan Ships Supercar

9Jun Europacific Logistika in Sovenia OOG Load Specialists

2Jun Reciprocally Rewarding Business Between WFN Members

1Jun Danilo Confirms WFN is Great Value for Money

May 2017

19May WFN Members Continue to Utilise Alliance with FDRS

15May WFN Members Working Together

11May OrangeBlue Complete Shipment for Alexandrov Ensemble

10May WFN Members Show Strength by Handling a Wide Range of Cargo

8May Reasons Why Members Love World Freight Network

April 2017

27Apr WFN & SFN Members Unite to Share a Swing or Two

26Apr WFN Raises Funds for The Pattaya Orphanage

25Apr WFN's 13th Meeting: Another Roaring Success

21Apr WFN Exhibition Collaborations

March 2017

21Mar EFR G-Link Express (Myanmar) Handle High Risk Cargo

17Mar Worldwide Shipping Transportation Awarded Cero Deffects Supplier

16Mar Partners Logistics in Peru Celebrate 8 Year Anniversary

3Mar NATCO (Turkey) Move 240 Tons of Cable by Air

3Mar WFN Features in Industry Press

2Mar WFN Members Strategise to Prompt Shared Business

1Mar Capital 'F' for "FFFFun": World Fun Network

February 2017

9Feb SMART Logistics Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary

1Feb WFN Members Take Proactive Approach

1Feb "A Great Job Done" at WFN

January 2017

9Jan YHK International Logistics Receive APAC Business Award

6Jan WFN Members Soar Into 2017 With Reciprocal Business

1Jan Loyalty: WFN Founder Members Attend Every Meeting

December 2016

15Dec Lozen Management Celebrate 8 Year Anniversary

6Dec WFN Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Certification

2Dec WFN Members End 2016 Strong and United

1Dec Members Working Together at World Family Network

November 2016

24Nov WFN Exhibition Partneships

15Nov Modern Shipping Handle Special Equipment into Pakistan

14Nov WFN: Introducing New Dance Partners

3Nov WFN Members Achieve Common Goal of Business Growth

1Nov WFN's Approach to Marketing

October 2016

15Oct WFN Members Believe in World Freight Netowrk

7Oct WFN Members Reach Out To Fellow Members to Ensure Professional Service

1Oct World Freight Network Delivers Year on Year Growth

September 2016

15Sep Members Shout Loudly & Proudly: "Yes Join WFN"

14Sep Three Lines Shipping & Logistics ISO Certified

1Sep WFN Members Continue to Aim High and Achieve More Together

1Sep World Freight Network Meeting Room Buzz

August 2016

15Aug Members Discuss the Exchange of WFN Business

10Aug Allegro Cargo SRL Receives AEO Certification

9Aug WFN Reaches New Milestone: 285+ Members in 125+ Countries

3Aug Quality Forwarders Thrive at WFN

1Aug Three Lines Shipping & Logistics, Qatar, Complete Large Shipment

1Aug WFN Members Voice the Benefits of Membership

July 2016

7Jul MAP International Share Recent Shipments with WFN Members

6Jul OrangeBlue Import Chewing Gum Tobacco from India

4Jul Trust At The Core as Business Thrives Within WFN

1Jul WFN Listed in A-Z Freight Worldwide Directory

1Jul New WFN Member Video Testimonials

June 2016

29Jun Seajet Company Limited Share Air Chartering Project

8Jun Tracosa Presents its New Brand Strategy

7Jun Excellence Meets Dedication as WFN Members Increase Cooperation

1Jun Integral Chile Complete Project Shipment

1Jun Rocking Up to WFN Meeting the South African Way

May 2016

30May WFN Annual Football Game: A GREAT GOAL!

12May WFN Auction & Raffle 2016

9May WFN Members Handle Business To Exceptional Standards

3May WFN's 12th Meeting: Another Sensational Smash Hit

April 2016

23Apr Technological Modern Day Approach to Networking

14Apr ACW Interview with WFN Owner, Kelly Bunyan

6Apr Tower Freight Logistics Acheive ISO 9001:2008 Certification

5Apr WFN Members Utilise Quality Partners

1Apr TBI France Celebrate 15 Year Anniversary

March 2016

16Mar Vision Logistics (Thailand) Celebrate 9th Anniversary

4Mar Award from World Customs Organisation to Amerimar, Dominican Republic

1Mar WFN Members Benefit from Quality Partners And Ongoing Business

February 2016

25Feb Tracosa Provide Safe Travel for Imani the Monkey

19Feb Worldwide Shipping Transportation Awarded in Mexico

16Feb Seajet Expertly Handle Breakbulk Shipment of Pipes

8Feb WFN Members Work Together on Shipments for Disney

1Feb WFN Members Start 2016 Strong by Developing New Business Together

January 2016

22Jan Lozen Management Celebrate 7 Year Anniversary

11Jan WFN Member Ships Super Car from 'Fast & Furious 5'

8Jan WFN Members Looking for New Ways to Promote Themselves

2Jan WFN Members Develop Mutually Beneficial Relationships



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