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July 2019

4Jul Gold Shipping in Morocco New Transit Agreement

3Jul WFN Software Alliance with eCargo

2Jul WFN Secure New ISO Alliance

1Jul WFN's Business Alliance: AIRates FREE for WFN Members

1Jul WFN Managing Director Kelly Bunyan Invites You To Join Us

June 2019

24Jun Cuchi Shipping Transport Waste Heat Recovery Unit

10Jun Vanesp in Portugal Transport Goods for Music Event

7Jun WFN Member Steve Confirms WFN is Value for Money

May 2019

21May Modern Shipping Successfully Handle Project Shipment

3May WFN and SFN Members Gather To Play Golf in Bali

1May WFN Owner Kelly Invites You To Join The WFN Fun

April 2019

25Apr WFN Members Happy to Endorse their Network

11Apr WFN Industry Exhibitions

8Apr World Freight Network Members Recommend WFN

March 2019

28Mar Modern Shipping Agencies Project Cargo Shipment For US Army

27Mar Sigmai Trade & Logistics Complete Project of Pipe Line Equipment

6Mar Modern Shipping Share Latest Project Cargo Shipments

February 2019

27Feb Modern Shipping Agencies ISO Certified

14Feb WFN Member in the Dominican Republic Celebrates 6 Years

3Feb WFN Helps its Members Increase Business

January 2019

31Jan WFN Members Start 2019 Strong with Mutual Business

28Jan Vanesp in Portugal Awarded by EXAME Magazine

16Jan Cuchi Shipping Transport 45 Units John Deere Agriculture Machines

4Jan Payment Protection at WFN

3Jan WFN: A Platform to Reach the World

December 2018

27Dec Cuchi Shipping Transport Oilwell Equipment

18Dec Modern Shipping Agencies Handle Oil Field Equipment from Pakistan

12Dec WFN Exhibition Collaborations

1Dec Ruth Dice Unirse a WFN

November 2018

29Nov Lozen Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary

15Nov VANESP Ship Three Race Cars to Peru

11Nov Amine from Gold Shipping Explains in Arabic the Benefits

6Nov J&S Supply Chain Management Transport Motor Yacht and Lamborghini

2Nov WFN Members Work Together for Long-Term Gain

October 2018

23Oct ELBALIZ Holdings Receive Mining Project Cargo into Tanzania

19Oct Med Team Logistics Egypt Handle Project Shipment

17Oct Peter Recommends AIRates Software to WFN Members

8Oct World Express Cargo in USA Secure Project Shipment to West Africa

3Oct Movilpaq Levante Celebrate 25 Year Anniversary

September 2018

24Sep VLink Express Move to New Premises

11Sep Hisiang Logistics Celebrate 25 Years

11Sep Fusion Specialized Shipping & Logistics Open New Offie in Abu Dhabi

5Sep WFN Exhibition Collaborations

4Sep Jordanian Coast Cargo Exhibiting at IAM & New Warehouse

August 2018

24Aug Albert & Benjamin Celebrate Friendship & Business at WFN

13Aug WFN Members Join Forces for Mutual Gain

6Aug YHK Intenational Receive Plaque of Appreciation

2Aug WFN Brings People Together

July 2018

16Jul Loyal Member Ron with WFN for 14 Years

13Jul ALBATRANS Receive Lufthansa Cargo Award

9Jul Vanesp Rock in Rio

3Jul WFN Members Work as a TEAM

June 2018

14Jun WFN Exhibition Collaborations

13Jun Vanesp in Portugal Share Recent Special Deliveries

8Jun WFN Members Continue to Show Prowess As Business Thrives

6Jun WFN Members Collectively Endorse the Network

May 2018

29May Vanesp in Portugal Provide Transportation for the Sam Smith Production

15May WFN New ICO Certification

3May WFN and SFN Members Unite for a Friendly Game of Golf in Spain

3May SILCO Worldwide Handle OOG Shipment

April 2018

25Apr Fusion & Grand Freight Testify WFN Business Increases Yearly

1Apr Leticia & Jag Confirm WFN Has Assisted in Satisfying Customers' Demands

March 2018

27Mar WFN Members Handle Wide Range of Cargo With Confidence

February 2018

19Feb WFN Members Appreciative of Partners' Prowess

12Feb VILCA Celebrate 20 Year Anniversary

7Feb DM Sky Cargo International Offer Charter Service

5Feb GLS Pakistan Celebrate 13th Anniversary

2Feb Cuchi Shipping Transport Catwalk Support Frame

January 2018

22Jan WFN Exhibition Collaborations

10Jan Dhoodha Confirms WFN Meetings Breed Confidence

8Jan WFN Members Look Forward To Another Positive Year With WFN



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