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August 2016
10 Aug Allegro Cargo SRL Receives AEO Certification
Aug WFN Reaches New Milestone: 285+ Members in 125+ Countries
Aug Quality Forwarders Thrive at WFN
Aug Three Lines Shipping & Logistics, Qatar, Complete Large Shipment
Aug WFN Members Voice the Benefits of Membership

July 2016
Jul MAP International Share Recent Shipments with WFN Members
Jul OrangeBlue Import Chewing Gum Tobacco from India
Jul Trust At The Core as Business Thrives Within WFN
Jul New WFN Member Video Testimonials
Jul WFN Listed in A-Z Freight Worldwide Directory

June 2016
29 Jun Seajet Company Limited Share Air Chartering Project
Jun Tracosa Presents its New Brand Strategy
Jun Excellence Meets Dedication as WFN Members Increase Cooperation
Jun Integral Chile Complete Project Shipment
Jun Rocking Up to WFN Meeting the South African Way

May 2016
30 May WFN Annual Football Game: A GREAT GOAL!
23 May Australia, UK allow Air Cargo Shipment from BD Partially
12 May WFN Auction & Raffle 2016
May WFN Members Handle Business To Exceptional Standards
May WFN's 12th Meeting: Another Sensational Smash Hit

April 2016
23 Apr Technological Modern Day Approach to Networking
14 Apr ACW Interview with WFN Owner, Kelly Bunyan
Apr Tower Freight Logistics Acheive ISO 9001:2008 Certification
Apr WFN Members Utilise Quality Partners
Apr TBI France Celebrate 15 Year Anniversary

March 2016
16 Mar Vision Logistics (Thailand) Celebrate 9th Anniversary
Mar Award from World Customs Organisation to Amerimar, Dominican Republic
Mar WFN Members Benefit from Quality Partners And Ongoing Business

February 2016
25 Feb Tracosa Provide Safe Travel for Imani the Monkey
19 Feb Worldwide Shipping Transportation Awarded in Mexico
16 Feb Seajet Expertly Handle Breakbulk Shipment of Pipes
Feb WFN Members Work Together on Shipments for Disney
Feb WFN Members Start 2016 Strong by Developing New Business Together

January 2016
22 Jan Lozen Management Celebrate 7 Year Anniversary
11 Jan WFN Member Ships Super Car from 'Fast & Furious 5'
Jan WFN Members Looking for New Ways to Promote Themselves
Jan WFN Members Develop Mutually Beneficial Relationships
Jan WFN Membership Gives an Added Advantage over Competitors

December 2015
Dec WFN's Members Consistently Proactive
Dec Volumes of Business Increased For Nancy & Jacques at WFN
Dec CEFF Awarded to Orient Star Logix, Korea

November 2015
27 Nov LinC Freight Management Expand to New Premises
16 Nov Ecuamoving Internatinal Cargo BASC Certified
Nov WFN ISO Certification Continued
Nov WFN's Members Agree It's All About Quality
Nov Global Logistical Connections Open New Warehouse in Dallas
Nov Oscar from Seajet Gets Business at WFN

October 2015
28 Oct NAWAH Iraq Handle Break Bulk Shipment of Coated Pipes
20 Oct WFN Collaborates with Top Exhibitions Worldwide
14 Oct Bon Bini Cargo Celebrate 25th Anniversary
Oct WFN Members Work Together to Enhance Opportunities for Business
Oct Peruvian Member, Veronica, Invites You to Join WFN

September 2015
Sep YHK International Logistics Handle Project Cargo to Philippines
Sep WFN Members Continue to Grow Business Together
Sep WFN Members Discuss Winning Strategies

August 2015
27 Aug Blue Axis Shipping Handle Project Shipments
24 Aug WFN Proudly Sponsors FDRS Newsletter
Aug WFN Members Take Full Advantage of Coverage in 126 Countries
Aug Speed Dating at WFN

July 2015
28 Jul WFN Latest Exhibition Partnerships Secured
Jul PT Global International Express Handling Breakbulk Services for Years
Jul New Marketing Tool
Jul World Freight Network Worth Its Membership Fee
Jul Business Flourishes as WFN Members Work Together

June 2015
26 Jun Seajet Company Limited Complete Successful Project of Charter Flight
17 Jun WFN Confirm Media Partnerships
Jun Member Trade is Key At WFN
Jun WFN Members Work Hard & Play Hard

May 2015
13 May WFN Collaborate with Top Exhibitions
May WFN Members Build Strong Relationships
May WFN Announces 2016 Meeting
May WFN's Proactive Members Exchanging New Business
May World Freight Network is Growing
May Project Cargo with Heavy-lift Units for Siemens Handled by Seajet Company Limited

April 2015
24 Apr WFN 2015 Meeting in China a Roaring Success
23 Apr WFN Donates to Local Orphanage in Beijing
20 Apr MARDANA (Portugal) Awarded Applause Diploma
16 Apr Modern Shipping, Pakistan, Provide New Facilities
Apr WFN's Expert Members Handle Wide Range of Shipments

March 2015
24 Mar New Instant Chat Service Proving to be Very Popular
20 Mar WFN Has 100% Coverage in Top Trading Countries Worldwide
18 Mar Record Number of Delegates Set to Attend 11th WFN Meeting
Mar AD REM Group Opens New Logistics Complex
Mar WFN Continues to Generate Business For Its Members

February 2015
27 Feb Luis Lacerda Receive Certificate of Excellence 2015 Award
25 Feb WFN Collaborate with Top Exhibitions
23 Feb NAWAH Operate Only Reefer Terminal in Basra, Iraq
20 Feb Modern Shipping Transport Vehicles for International Defence Exhibition
16 Feb Logix Express are ISO 901:2008 Certified
13 Feb GLS Pakistan Celebrate 10th Anniversary
10 Feb Albatrans Group Celebrate 16 Years Success
Feb SILCO Worldwide Celebrate 5 Years
Feb WFN's Quality Members Move Expansive Range of Cargo

January 2015
17 Jan Football and Business: Uniting Opportunities the WFN Way
Jan WFN Member Nominated for TOBIP Award
Jan WFN Members Exchange Huge Range of Shipments


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