In order to join WFN, please complete the form below and email scanned copies of your company certification to WFN Head Office.

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Name of Company
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Year Business Started
Head Office Address
Name of Owner(s)
Total number of employees working in freight forwarding?
Last Year's Annual Sales Turnover in US Dollars?
This Year's Projected Annual Sales Turnover in US Dollars?
List your company services
Is your company covered by professional liability insurance?
Is your company a licensed customs broker?
Please indicate the percentage of your business:
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Please indicate the percentage of your business:
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What operating licenses or certifications do you hold?
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Services Provided Air Freight
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Customs Clearance
Project Cargo
Dangerous Goods
Door-to-Door Deliveries
Personal Effects
Time Sensitive
Perishable Cargo
Company Certifications/Memberships FIATA
Customs Broker
ISO 9001/9002
Chamber of Commerce
What local/national professional associations do you belong to?
Why does your company wish to join our WFN?
In which Countries do you have existing agents you do not wish to change?
In which Countries are you most interested in developing new partnerships?
Do you have branch offices? If yes, please provide full contact details.
Please list your company strengths (ie. air, sea or road freight):
A company representative must attend the WFN Member Meeting. Do you undertake to do so?
Do you agree to adhere to the WFN Code of Conduct?
References - Please provide contact details (Company name, Personís name, Email Address and Tel No.) for 4 forwarders outside of your country. Your company needs to have been working with them for 12+ months.
Any additional information
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