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All Members think you should join World Freight Network.

Arvind Sharma at Swift Freight, India, states that all Members are good and handle business expertly.

Madeleine from Assistance Maritime in Cameroon believes you find much opportunity at WFN.

Sinu from Blue Axis Shipping, USA & Rahab from
Tepra Logistics, Kenya, fully endorse WFN.

Jean-Claude from BBA, France & Frank from Asia Air, Taiwan are equally impressed by WFN.

Leticia & Gabriel at Talwin Transport in Argentina love the fact that business grows in the WFN family.

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At Balaji, we value our association with WFN. Since joining, we have been able to develop aggressive business with various partners in the network. Today, many of the members of the group are not only business associates but personal friends as well. Kelly and her team have given a forum that is tight run, with ethical values and great interpersonal relationship. I am sure the network would turn out to be the top, in times to come.
S. Sitaram, Balaji Mariline Pvt Ltd, India


"We are proud WFN members since January 2008 and we feel very comfortable with our choice to join this network. At first we gave ourselves some time to get acquainted with our fellow members, but after a while, as expected, we saw our business within the network increase year after year. Overlooking the growth over the last years, both in terms of volume and in terms of the number of partnerships in the business we have within WFN, we can talk about a success-story. Each year we were present at the Annual Meeting where we could introduce ourselves to our worldwide partners, get to know each other face-to-face without having to travel all over the globe. Many of them are also present each time, which gives a kind of continuity to the business relationship and even a true friendship with many of our partners over the world. We are grateful to Kelly and her team for the nice job done so far in a philosophy of open relationship, honesty, professionalism and modern technology which makes World Freight Network really work!"
Jacques Schellekens, Herfurth Logistics, Belgium

"Since our participation in WFN in 2006, we have been gaining exclusive benefits from WFN who has facilitated and expedited international transport networks to support our global logistics business. WFN not only nominated trusted and professional agents worldwide, but also innovatively bringing members’ benefits such as online payment monitoring system. With latest technology of WFN head office, annual meetings are well organized and online tools for members are substantial. What is more important, interests of all members are ensured by WFN’s code of conduct which are implemented strictly. We strongly believe and confident that WFN will continue to develop and to provide the best range of benefits and unrivalled value of services.”
Kasai Kazuki, Shinki International, Japan

"Mardana are a small company acting as a freight forwarder in a small country in Europe – Portugal. We needed to strengthen our activity internationally and decided to look for a reliable organization that could help us in this project. We are very happy to have joined the WFN Group, where we had the chance of getting to know wonderful people all over the world. We have very professional partners at the WFN Group, well informed about the local problems / performances in their countries, helping us to offer our customers accurate information to protect their shipments. We consider the WFN Network as a big family, where all of us support each other in business. The yearly meetings enhance the possibility of discussing business with other members, either with the ones we are already working with, or with new members willing to do new business. All members should invest in these meetings, as a tool for our business. We must say a big THANK YOU to Kelly, who has been the soul of our network."
Isilda Candido, Mardana, Lda, Portugal


"What is WFN ? So easy for me to reply because I am a founding member thanks to Kelly who give me a chance (10 years ago) to join this adventure, despite my young age and experience. WFN is a great opportunity for us to show our skills and strengths and let our partners know what we could provide to them, amazing since I joined this network how much businesses is transacted and how thanks to this network TBI doesn’t stop to increase and develop a lot of different business. So I take this moment to thank once again for the remarkable network Kelly set up. I must affirm that WFN was not only for me a huge business opportunity, but above all some wonderful pleasant memories where I met a lot of good friends with who I really want to work with for a long time. I gained a lot of business with this network but it is true that I repeat always the same thing, the opportunity to share a good time with some really great friends during our beautiful meetings is also really important for our relationship. When you are friend already you can easily find and promote brilliant ideas which help a lot on the growth and development of WFN network."
Mickaël Boura, Trans Business International, France

"During many years I have been offered to take part of different associations and networks, but my perception was that it was not the time yet. Until by the end of 2009 my friend Rolando Alvarez – Upcargo Panama- told me about WFN. Since January 2010 we have belonged to WFN family and beyond business and new doors of opportunities that have been opened to us I have made new friends and have enjoyed the Conventions very much. Talking about work strictly, today we have partners throughout the world that we didn’t have before joining. Now we are able to offer to our customers new services handled by professional people around the world, taking care of every shipment as their own. All of the above plus the constant support of Kelly and all her team made our office in USA take part in this family too, so we are happy of that!"
Gabriel Taberna, Talwin Transport Service S.A., Argentina



"With a population of mere 3.5 million, Lithuania has emerged as an international bridge connecting businesses between Western Europe and the Ex-Soviet Union, between the continents and the Baltic states. Naturally, it is vital for us to have reliable business partners all over the world. Becoming a member of the World Freight Network was a large qualitative step forward bringing us a significant competitive advantage over other logistics companies which operate in our (the same) region. The recession in our company ended back in autumn 2009 meanwhile a number of other local freight carriers only recently started to see first signs of recovery. As a member of the WFN, we are fishing in the world ocean of cargo with large and reliable nets – not with a rod. Moreover, annual meetings of the members ensure that our business standards are continuously maintained at the highest level, and our personal relations between managers help to eliminate differences arising from geographical distances and the evolution of business worldwide."
Darius Brekys, Ad Rem, Lithuania



Tim Taylor
"To summarize what the WFN network means to us will be difficult, but let me start by explaining why we decided to join such a group. WWLP is a small freight forwarder located in the Midwest of the USA and needed to have reliable partners around the world to work with daily to attain new business and follow up and govern existing business. Without offices in every country of the world and without the recourses and funding to travel to every country we decided on the partner network, but choosing one that catered to our needs was difficult. We have been associated with another network that was very large and diluted with multiple partners in every country with no direct one on one relationship between its partners. We instead were looking for the niche network of hungry partners like WWLP that had very good business and ethics to back them up.
Ever since the first meeting in Bangkok 2005 we have worked with almost every partner in the network and have developed some very large business opportunities with many of the partners and we have tripled our business with the group every year since 2005. The yearly meetings give us a chance to review the business we have had with the partners and the possible new business opportunities for the future, in addition we pay one travel fee and visit with over 100 people from all around the world and the savings is tremendous. The business is working in both directions and because of the yearly meetings and the dedication of the WFN staff the group has grown to be WWLP’s most important business network and continues to breed more business opportunities and new partners every year. I can say that without the network and its partners WWLP would not be as prosperous and busy as we are in 2011, even with the downturn in the global economy."
Tim Taylor, Worldwide Logistic Partners, USA


"I am a proud, one of the founder WFN member from India and feel fortunate to get a group where all member companies are on same business understanding wave length , this help to promote business with much better confidence and you feel secure for money. With passing time WFN partner’s office has become like our own direct office in every city of the World. The best part of WFN is that member numbers strength is limited to allow business growth within existing members. I assure my future potential members that they will enjoy with us in WFN ride and our annual meeting is a like a Happy Wedding Scene in the family”.
Arvind Sharma, Swift Freight Moovers, India


"Since having joined World Freight Network, I found that I made interesting contacts, found new partners in countries where we had nobody before, we got shipments which otherwise I would not have received and altogether which made Intercontinental Cargo Canada busier than before. The group feels like a family and my participation in the last Convention was most positive. Kelly at the helm of the group is a charming, beautiful, competent and convincing lady. Therefore, no regrets having joined this group and at this point, I would renew next year."
Rolf Bramann, Intercontinental Cargo, Canada

"WFN network is a highly professional network with a proactive and spirited management, which is the driving force behind WFN's success. The whole team at WFN is very helpful in terms of quick interaction to mails and issues which are spontaneously sorted out. Furthermore, the strict adherence to ethics in terms of payments between members and also correspondence is a strong driving force which motivates new members to join in. While doing business with fellow members there is a close association which is further enhanced with the yearly member meetings at various places around the globe. Overall, a well managed network which gives business returns over a short term period, when you invest in WFN membership."
Blaise Amikat, Trium Logistics L.L.C, UAE


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